Certification Entities

The certification entities of SCEE are entities that are at the level immediately below Entidade Certificadora Raiz do Estado (StateRootCE), and its main function to provide certification services management: issue, operation, suspension, revocation for your subscribers / members and SubECEstado who are subordinate to him. Its certificate is signed by Entidade Certificadora Raiz do Estado – Entidade de Certificação Electrónica do Estado ECCE (State Common Certification Entity).

Certification Entities under the SCEE are:

Logo Ecce

Entidade Certificadora Comum do Estado (ECCE) - (State Common Certification Entity)- Pursuant to paragraphs h) m) of paragraph 2 of Article 2 of Decree Nº.16/2012 of 26 January, which approves its  Law, - Centro de Gestão da Rede Informática do Governo (CEGER) is competent to exercise the certifying entity functions under the SCEE (Electronics Certification System - Public Key Infrastructure).

The ECCE provides the Government, as a user of Government Information Network (Ring), the organs of sovereignty, as users of the Legislative Procedure, and all entities and organizations of the direct and indirect administration of State, secure electronic identification mechanisms in their transactions.

Logo Cartaocidadao

Entidade Certificadora do Cartão do Cidadão ( ECCC) - (Certification Citizen Card) - Citizen Card is a citizenship document. As physical document, lets citizens identify themselves securely in person. As a technological document, it allows you to identify themselves to computer services and authenticate electronic documents.

In its aggregative dimension, together in one document the key essential to the rapid and effective relationship of citizens with different public services.

Ministério da Justiça

Entidade Certificadora do Ministério da Justica (ECM Justiça) - (Eletronic Certifying Entity of Ministry of Justice (ECM Justice) - Pursuant to paragraph u) of paragraph 2 of Article 3 of Decree Nº. 164/2012 of 31 July, the IGFEJ was designated Certification Entity under Ministério da Justica.

Sítio da Internet do PEP

Entidade Certificadora do Passaporte Electrónic (ECPEP) – (Certifying Entity of  Electronic Passport. The PEP meets the modern standards, technical and artistic, and initiated in Portugal, to a generation of electronic identification documents, meeting the highest safety standards, both in terms of raw materials, paper and inks, or also with respect to graphic processing document security.

Sistema de Certificação Electrónica do Estado (SCEE)

The State Electronic Certification System (ECEE) – was created by Decree-Law nº 116-A/2006, of 16th June 2006, to assure the unity, the integration and effectiveness of the strong digital authentication systems in the electronic relations of individuals or legal entities with the State and among public entities.