Certifying Authority

With the publication of Decree Nº. 116-A / 2006 of 16 June, the Autoridade Nacional de Segurança (National Security Authority) has been designated as competent authority for the accreditation and supervision of Entidades Certificadoras (Certification Entities) established in Portugal, functions and responsibilities previously entrusted to the  Instituto das Tecnologias da Informação da Justiça.

 The assignment of these functions to the ANS is justified by special aptitude that this entity has to act as Certifying Authority (CA), as well as the fact that it is integrated in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM) and ensure strong security hierarchy.

Given the context, ANS carries out its responsibilities to ensure that the Certification Entities, public or private, established in Portugal, meet the requirements for the provision of electronic certification services.

The Certification Entities that  provide qualified electronic certificates, in order to support the production of qualified electronic signatures, must necessarily meet the minimum requirements set by the laws and regulations in force (see GNS \ NT-D 03), providing for this purpose a set functions / core services and optionally certain additional services.

The Certification Entities issuing qualified certificates, can request their accreditation. This procedure is especially relevant, since only the qualified electronic signatures issued by a Certification Entity accredited by the Certifying Authority has the probative force of a private signed document, in accordance with Article 376 of the Civil Code.

The accreditation of a Certification Entity is drawn up in accordance with the requirements established in Article 12 of Decree Nº. 62/2003 of 3 April.

Accredited Certification Entities are automatically enrolled in the Trusted List.

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Sistema de Certificação Electrónica do Estado (SCEE)

The State Electronic Certification System (ECEE) – was created by Decree-Law nº 116-A/2006, of 16th June 2006, to assure the unity, the integration and effectiveness of the strong digital authentication systems in the electronic relations of individuals or legal entities with the State and among public entities.